Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The gods abide

Today I want to write about the gods. Today I want to express the things which are difficult to articulate: the awe and the grandeur, the "wooshy-ness" (to use a phrase coined by Dreyfus and Kelly), the totality of the ineffable reality that is the dé ochus andé. I want to scream from the bottom of my being, to the apex of the tallest hilltop. I want to do all of this, but I withdraw. I repress. I remain at a loss for words.

For someone who is so accustomed to scholarship and discourse, who has a carefully sculpted demeanor of being calm and measured, of having an outwardly limited range of expression; the notion is not paralyzing, but only just.

How can I even begin to explain just how good the gods are? Just how magnificent the shining ones appear? How much unabashed joy I experience simply by reading of their exploits? How complete and full my life is because they are a part of it? Why I look forward to every new moon, if only to share with others who may just feel the same way, if at a distance?

It is why I leap at every and any chance I get to have a conversation with whoever will listen, about the topic of religion, or myth, or even culture. It is why I type my meandering thoughts out, for others to see. It is why I am probably the only person at my place of buisness who, aside from my employer, understands that our job has a component of the sacred in it. It is why my book shelves groan under the weight of books few would find interesting, but are none the less a source of pride and fascinaion.

All this and more, so much more I wish to express; but here I type, befuddled.

If I know anything, I know the gods abide.

And that is enough.


P.S. So I have a review of "Brave" in the works, look for it soon.


  1. I am glad to see this. I almost never hear any CRs/GRs talk about the Gods like this.

  2. I'm generally less dewy eyed about things, but sometimes it is nice to gush; if only a little bit. I think the issue with CR/GPR's is that this side tends to be very private and so most of the discourse is just that. Folks like me who spend some of their leisure time shouting things into the ether, tend to be a tad more public about things, I suppose.